Crescent Lodge #25

Crescent Documents & Forms

The following forms are provided for the benefit of our members.

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1   Link   Petition for Masonic Degrees
Use this form to Petition Crescent Lodge to become a Mason.
2   Link   Petition for Affilation
If you are a Mason in good standing and would like to affiliate with Crescent Lodge download this form and return to the Secretary for lodge approval.
3   Link   Petition for Demit
Masons who no longer wish to be active in Crescent Lodge but is in good standing may download form and request a Demit.
4   Link   Restoration of Membership
This form is for a Mason who has been dropped from the roll for non-payment of dues now wishes to petition for restoration of membership.
5   Link   Certificate of Good Standing
Crescent Lodge Masons who wish to Affiliate with another lodge must provide a Certificate of Good Standing. Please download this form and contact the Secretary of the Lodge for completion.
6   Link   Entered Apprentice Enlightenment Course
Following the First Degree, new Masons must complete the Entered Apprentice Enlightenment Course which tests their basic knowledge of being an Entered Apprentice.
7   Link   Fellow Craft Enlightenment Course
Following the Second Degree, new Masons must complete the Entered Apprentice Enlightenment Course which tests their basic knowledge of being a Fellow Craft.
8   Link   Master Mason Enlightenment Course
Following the Third Degree, new Masons must complete the Master Mason Enlightenment Course which tests their basic knowledge of being a Master Mason.
9   Link   Passport to Light
It is one thing for a man to join the Lodge. It is quite another for him to become enrolled in the Lodge which is the goal for every new member. Passport to Light seeks to attain this goal.
10   Link   Warden's Handbook
This Handbook has been specially prepared for the Wardens of Iowa’s constituent lodges to assist them in preparing for and serving as Worshipful Master of their lodge
11   Link   Public Relations Manual
This manual provides information on how to manage a PR campaign for Masonic Lodges
12   Link   Ashlar Award
New Masons of Crescent Lodge are encouraged to be active. The Ashlar Award is awarded to new Masons who have accumulated the required number of points by completing specified goals. Upon completion, have the Secretary of the Lodge or Worshipful Master sign the form and return it to the Grand Lodge.
13   Link   TS Parvin Award
Each year the Iowa Conference for Masonic Cooperation presents the T. S. Parvin Award to
the Iowa Mason who has conspicuously contributed to the betterment of the Fraternity without
expectation of fee or reward. Any Master Mason, Companion, Sir Knight, Master of the
Royal Secret, or Noble may nominate a brother for this Award. All Master Masons who are in
good standing in any Iowa lodge are eligible if they have never been honored by being elected
to any office in one of the state bodies, have not been elected Potentate of an Iowa Shrine
Temple, or have not attained the 33rd degree. Please note that previous nominees must be
resubmitted for consideration in 2009.
14   Link   Master Builder Award
A Master Builder is a Brother who is actively involved with the present work of his Lodge, his involvement and
Legacy will help build the future of his Lodge and Community. Every brother that successfully completes nine
of the eleven steps in this blueprint will receive an award. The first 20 successful applications will be awarded
a special limited edition Grand Master’s jacket.